Surat, Gujarat
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Solidarity mug

Solidarity mug

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A few weeks ago, Michel and Sarah, potters settled in Pigeon Hill since 1977, saw their pottery workshop fly away in flames. With these flames, in addition to all the material to give pottery lessons and manufacture their production, a history, archives, memories inscribed in these walls fly away. The importance of their school-workshop is substantial in the region and radiates beyond our borders.

A few days after the fire, we saw a huge movement of solidarity born to help Michel and Sarah. A fundraiser was set up and chores to collect in the debris to try to save some artifacts.  

So out of solidarity, I too wanted to help them. So I decided to make a cup designed for this fundraiser.

By purchasing this mug, 100% of the money will be given to Sarah and Michel. If you want to contribute more to the rescue of their workshop, you can visit:

Let's save pottery Plural Singular

Thank you so much!



10cm X 8.5cm in diameter.